Learning digital painting and concept art – Day 07

I was thinking of making two concept arts instead of one per week, especially to build up my Patreon page and also to speed up the learning process. I also used a countdown timer this time to see what I can make within a minimum time and so I can focus on the essential parts more. Continue reading

Learning digital painting and concept art – Day 03

I just had the time to continue practicing concept art and I’m too excited so I jump right into making a complete concept artwork quickly without watching the other important tutorials for beginners xD.

Anyways here is my 1st concept art:

Valiant Traveler

Click to view on HD

Valiant Traveler

I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of proper doing and principles of design but I’m too eager to make one. I also want to screen capture my future concept arts.

Behind the scene

Anyways, I’m open again for hire as a pixel artist. gonna need some cash to buy my own graphic tablet (I’m currently borrowing one from a friend)

Gonna learn more, Stay tuned! 🙂