Pixel art, Vector art, Hand-drawn style, Digital painting, Concept art.

Recent freelance work history:
2016 – 2018
Game Artist
Creating art assets for a point-and-click adventure game currently in development.

Feb 2016
Pixel Artist
Created art assets for ‘Space for two’, a space shooter game for ios.

Sept 2015
Game Artist
Created art assets with hand-drawn artstyle for ‘Red Fox‘, a game for Steam.

April 2015
Game Artist
Created art assets for a thesis game ‘Jitter Doll’.

Jan. 2015
Pixel Artist
Created 160 pixel art icons for the game ‘Minimon 3D‘.

Dec. 2014
Programmer and Artist
Developed ‘The ring’, a game for a client’s wedding proposal.

Nov. 2014
2D Game Artist
Art update of all the content and additional game art for “Soccer Ball juggle” (for ios and android)

2014 – 2017
CIIT College of Arts and Technology 
Computer Science major in Game Development

Self-taught in art.

Tools and Software:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Spriter Pro, Unity
Wacom Intuos Pro