King Spaniel: Royal Run

King Spaniel - Header

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Have fun as you play as King Spaniel, a Cavalier king charles spaniel dog that wears a swaggy crown. Join his adventures as he dodge numerous VLC logo hazards and collect food as he goes! And then collect all the rare stuff owned by us, the developers!

King Spaniel - Preview 02This game was made for #tagjam18, and served as our warmup for the upcoming global game jam next weekend.
We are also planning to port this on android mobiles. 🙂

Sheepy Life (WIP)


The Sheep are busy munching grasses while enjoying the beautiful spring morning when an alien ship suddenly appeared in the skies and covered the barnyard in darkness.
We all know that a sheep can’t stand a bunch of aliens, so run for your life or kick as many alien asses as you can before they can abduct you! Continue reading