Ludum Dare 34 this weekend!

I’m In for my 7th time! a bit busy this month but that won’t stop me from joining LD (Hopefully)
I’ll be doing the 48hr compo again.
Here are the tools that I’m gonna be using,

Game Engine: Stencyl or Unity
Art: Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
Audio: FL Studio 11 or Magix, Sfxr, Bfxr
Screencast: Camtasia Studio
Design and Notes: Evernote
and lots of coffee.

I’ll try to show my progress here and on twitter.

King Spaniel: Royal Run

King Spaniel - Header

Play King Spaniel Now!

Have fun as you play as King Spaniel, a Cavalier king charles spaniel dog that wears a swaggy crown. Join his adventures as he dodge numerous VLC logo hazards and collect food as he goes! And then collect all the rare stuff owned by us, the developers!

King Spaniel - Preview 02This game was made for #tagjam18, and served as our warmup for the upcoming global game jam next weekend.
We are also planning to port this on android mobiles. 🙂

Game Dev. Diary

To-do list for the rest of the month:
– Game on! Intercollegiate game jam
– Ludum Dare#30
– School Org. team project
– Working as a freelance game artist
– Arcade site logo commission
– School projects
– Personal projects 

I have a trimester break next month and I will surely spent it learning Unity2d, enhancing my game art and playing games 🙂  

Ludum Dare 27

I’m in for Ludum Dare 27 and this is my first time =D. The theme is “10 Seconds”.
I planned to do a 2 player game this time with a bird’s eye view.

Here is the level design:
I’ll keep posting my progress =).