Mini Asset Pack 01

I Released my first mini asset pack at Patreon:
Mini Asset Pack 01 - Preview

You can check it out here

Exclusive to all my patrons for personal and commercial use.
I will probably do a character sprite sheet for this one on my next asset pack 🙂

Support me, Become a Patron!

I just created a Patreon page to gather some support! (What is this Patreon thing?)

It is basically like a small kickstarter that supports indie game devs, artist and more. It is more personal and focused on content creators and fans.

If you like my works and would like to support me, you can by being a Patron. I put behind the scenes of my artworks here and sometimes put exclusive content.
Most of the funds will help me on my self-studies about my newly concept art learning venture, and other essential indie game dev. needs that I’m struggling at the moment.
Please help me get started 🙂

Link to my Patreon Page