Game Dev. Rampage and Summer Plans

I’m planning to join some upcoming game jams, probably gonna spent most of my time this summer making games .. which is nice 😀

One Game A Month – Tribal Chase will be our game entry for this one. and I promised to join #1GAM for the entire year.

TheMeatly Jam – (March 27 – 29) I missed programming my own games so I’ll go solo or find an artist friend so I can focus on programming stuff for this one.

Stencyl Jam 15 – (March 19 – May 11) $1000 total prizes + Engine license so why not.,39752.0.html

Ludum Dare 32 – (April 17) This is a must for me, Don’t wanna break my LD combo, and I always wanted to feel the game dev community spirit being united and be a part of it.

Project Aerie – Major game this summer.

Learn Basic 3D – Yep, I’m a bit interested to learn 3D this summer if I’ll have some spare time.

Digital painting and concept art – The learning process continues .. 🙂

So yea those are some stuff that I’m planning to do this summer, gettin hyped!


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