Valraven – Devlog 02 | More Mockup, Mavia’s Dash

I’m still making mockups to tweak the game’s environment and world.

Airship_EnvironmentMockup 2

Click to enlarge

I’ll do other places and environment mockups like outdoors later on.

Here’s the current dash of Mavia with simple effects added. Dashing consumes stamina but there will be items that expands and makes the stamina regeneration faster for a certain period of time. I’m still thinking for an item that would restore stamina tho.. maybe adrenaline pills, or a potato, or a chocolate bar, or a slice of cake cause why not :v

(Large GIF below)


Click to view and enlarge

Dashing is not based on the mouse but in the keyboard instead so players could still shoot the same target while avoiding enemy bullets or hazards.

Gonna be very busy for the next couple of weeks as I’m back doing small freelance again to have some funds. I’m also going to have college classes again next month so I really need to manage my time properly and be extra productive.


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