Happy New Year!!

Whew what a year :D, I think 2015 is my most productive (Stress and frustrations included)  year yet. my ‘Game Dev’ folder is now so much bigger full of projects. I also got the chance to expand my experience and  comfort zone by accepting a lot of freelance works.


Here is a compilation of some site stats this year:

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This year I have worked on 16 game projects.
6 of those were for game jams. another 6 were for my college and game dev classes and the last 4 were personal projects. Most of them are playable now and are uploaded in itch.io and other game sites although a few are still in development or in hiatus.

I also accepted and worked on 9 projects as a freelance game artist.
Another great and rewarding year I guess. Thanks and let’s have an awesome 2016! 🙂


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