The Three Borketeers

I have joined the Manila Global Game Jam 2017 and here is what my teammates and I have made during the last weekend!

The Three Borketeers is a casual endless game that features three dogs which the players will choose from to defend the cat that is stuck on the tree from the savage wild animals.


Each of the dogs has their own unique traits.

The theme this year is “Waves” and we implemented that in the game by making the wild animals attack in waves and the players can attack them by using the dog’s bark sound waves.

Here is our heckin special award 😀

You can check out the game here: Download Link

We think the game could suit well for a web and/or mobile release, we’ll just see if we got the chance to make this into a full game!

Osias Bantug – Game Artist
Kristoffer Lirazan, Marty Sy, and Romello Martin – Game Programmers


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