2020 Recap: Game Projects, Art Studies, and future plans

Writing this end of the year thing again so I can reflect a bit on my 2020 and set my plans and goals for the next year. But firstly, thanks a lot to everyone who follows my blog and appreciates my work ❤

The games and apps that I have worked on for this year,

Towertale (Nintendo Switch)

Towertale became available on the Nintendo Switch this year, now with 4 player co-op.
This is very fulfilling for me, Nintendo was a part of my childhood, I love playing on my Game Boy Advance when I was a kid, so to see my art on a Nintendo console was a dream come true for me 😃
You can check it out here

Jump Squad 3 (Android)

I worked on the latest sequel of Jump Squad as a programmer. This latest sequel has new game mechanics, with same cute characters, and now on 3D 🐶😺
You can check it out here on Google Play


I worked again on Zoo4D for a few weeks, did some illustrations for it’s packaging. It will now be an activity pack instead of a book, together with cards and an app with AR features.

Smarty Lion

I created art assets for a small educational kids game as a sideline freelance work, had fun working on this one mainly because of the cute art-style haha

I’m also working and creating 2D game art assets for another mobile game that is currently in development, we are thinking of making it paid this time if ever. Still on the prototype stage, I’ll try to show something later on 🙂

Now for my personal works and art studies,

You can see more of these on my previous posts, and some of them have GIFs of my process.
I also started an online art print shop, where you can buy some of my works on different kinds of print.
I dreamed of earning some passive income someday from doing what I love, and I was very glad to have my first sale this year, even though it’s just one sale, it gave me a lot of hope, that there is actually a chance for me to do this. I will continue to expand my art prints next year 🙂

So that’s a bit of my 2020, It’s a tough and challenging year for everyone, I had a lot of worries and doubts, had a few anxiety attacks for a lot of reasons. But at the same time, I reflected a lot on my goals and what I really want in life. I set new goals that I will try my best to achieve for the next few years. Doing art really helped me a lot this year.

Plans and Goals for 2021

(I had to adjust some of these since we still have a pandemic going on, no more exhibit and travel goals for the meantime I guess.)

  • Work on side hustle projects if I don’t feel burnt out (I need to grind $$$, and also expand my portfolio whenever I can)
  • Maybe slowly try to accept commissions, I tried a bit to do commissions for my close friends this year, and while it’s great to be able to earn some money aside from my day job, doing art (portraits) for clients is still pressuring for me, compared to just doing it for fun and study.
  • Continue with my art studies, more art fundamentals. I’m planning to focus more on anatomy, figure drawings, and scene composition. Mainly because I would like to create more sceneries with storytelling elements.
  • Grow my art social media accounts and be more active online, I also want to upload videos on YouTube again.
  • Start a good source of passive income, I’m currently thinking of art prints and maybe selling game art asset bundles.
  • Take care of my health more.

That’s all, Hope you all will have a great 2021 🎉
Happy New Year and take care everyone~ 🙂


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