Preparing for Ludum dare 29

Preparing for Ludum dare 29

After creating a few games using vector art, I decided to try pixel art games this time. Gonna practice more for the upcoming Ludum dare.. specially on animating this pixels xD

I’ll upload my progress in creating pixel arts for the next days.
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Game Dev. Diary

Game Dev. Diary

Sooo it is my summer vacation and that means I have a lot of free time. I am looking for work as a game artist for stencyl users. here is the link to my post:,30742.msg175719.html#msg175719

And while waiting to be hired, I decided to study Unity again.. last time I opened my unity was on 2012. so I want to learn it again and the other new features added on the latest release.

Also I’m planning to participate again on the upcoming Ludum dare 29.
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