Tutorial 02 | Pickup Items – Coins

In this tutorial, we will make a Coin that can be collected by players.

Tutorial 02 - Coins Featured Image

Tip: If you can’t see the images below properly, Click and zoom on it.

Tip: Save your work everytime you reach the next step.

Things that you can learn in this tutorial:

  • Making a coin
  • Manipulating Shapes
  • Creating Light Effects

Step 01:

Preparing our workspace

Create a new document with a 32×32 size. Use grids if you want.

01 - 32x32 Workspace

Step 02:

Starting our Coin

Using the eclipse tool, draw a perfect circle in our 32×32 Artboard.

Tip: Hold Shift to draw a perfect circle

02 - Orange Circle

Choose a light orange for its fill color.

Then we will make the middle of the coin engraved. so copy the circle and paste it on the same position

Tip: Press ctrl + c to copy and then ctrl + f to paste it on the same position

03 - Copy ctrl F

Because its engraved, we need to change its current color to a darker orange. I change its brightness to 70

04 - Darker Circle

As you can see, the darker circle covers the coin. so we need to scale it down to the center.

05 - Scale to 75%

To scale, Right click > Transform > Scale. We need to scale it to about 75%. so put 75 in the uniform in the scale window.

Then we will now put line strokes in the coin. Using plain black for the color of our stroke is not a good idea cause it will not blend nicely in our coin’s color. so we will recycle and use our light orange and just change its brightness to 20.

Tip: If you didn’t save your light orange in the swatch window, just use the color picker and pick it on the coin.

06 - Dark stroke

Do this with the middle circle also.

If the outer line stroke of your coin is oustide the artboard, then you need to align the stroke to inside. see below on how to align it.

07 - Align stroke to inside

On the stroke window, click the “Align stroke to inside” option

Step 03:

Finishing our Coin

Most coins have a symbol in the center, So we should have one too!

I decided to make a small diamond for the symbol, but you can make your own later if you want.

To start the diamond symbol, draw a small square besides the coin using the rectangle tool (M)

08 - make small square

Then flip it 45° into a diamond

09 - flip to diamond

10 - Diamond

Next thing we need to do is to put the diamond to the center of the coin.

11 - Center Diamond

Then scale the diamond smaller so it would look good.

12 - Scale smaller

After you scale it, Fix the stroke weight to “1” again.

13 - fix stroke

Step 04:

Light Effects

To start making the light effect, Draw a “L” shaped line in the diamond using the pen tool (P)

14 - Diamond Light Effect

Then change its width profile to a better one.

15 - tweaked diamond light effect

The next thing we need to do is to make another light effect for the coin.

Make a curve line in the upper side of the coin using the pen tool (P)

16 - Curver Light effect

17 - Release Light effect

And again, change its width profile to make it better.

18 - tweaked Light effect

Now click ctrl + 1 to see the coin in 100%.

19 - Finished

There we have it, A coin for players to collect. In just four steps.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below or email me.

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