Tutorial 03 | Monsters – Slime

Create a slime that can be used as a weak monster.

Tutorial 03 - Slime Featured Image

Tip: If you can’t see the images below properly, Click and zoom on it.

Tip: Save your work everytime you reach the next step.

Things that you can learn in this tutorial:

  • How to make a monster
  • Creating a green slime
  • Creating Shadows and Light Effects

Step 01:

Preparing our workspace

Create a new document with a 32×32 size. Use grids if you want.

01 - Set Workspace

Step 02:

Creating the Slime

Using the eclipse tool, draw a perfect circle in our 32×32 Artboard.

Tip: Hold Shift to draw a perfect circle

02 - Draw Lightgreen Circle

Choose a light green for its fill color.

Then drag the lowest anchor of the circle upward to make the shape of the slime.

Tip: Hold “Shift” To drag straightly.

Tip: Drag the anchor upward until it is horizontally straight.

03 - Drag anchor below upward

04 - Release

Now we will finish the slime’s Body by putting a dark green stroke.

Tip: Use the same light green color for the stroke, but change its brightness to 20% so the blending of the fill and the stroke is nice.

05 - Put Clean Stroke

Don’t forget to select “Aligh stroke to inside” so the stroke would not overlap ouside the artboard.

Step 03:

Giving the slime some vision

Next thing we need to do is to create eyes for the slime.

Start by creating a small rectangle in the upper right side of the slime (This will be the slime’s left eye)

06 - Start Left Eye

Choose a greenish white for its fill and the same dark green for its stroke.

After that, we need to tweak it and make its corners round.

Do this my selecting the anchors one by one and clicking the “Convert selected anchor points to smooth” button in the toolbar.

07 - Tweaked eye's Anchor

08 - Finish right eye

Now to do the other eye, Copy the finished eye and paste it on the same position, Then move it to the left by pressing left button 5 times.

Tip: Press ctrl + c to copy and then ctrl + f to paste it on the same position

09 - Copy and paste the eye

And we now have a tiny slime, we will enhance it on the next steps by adding light and shadow effects. Don’t forget to save.

Step 04:

Light Effects

To start making the light effect, Make a curve line in the upper right side of the slime using the pen tool (P)

10 - Start Light

Make it thicker and lower its oppacity to make it better.

11 - Light tweak01

You could also change its width into a better one.

Tip: I choose width profile 5 and flip it

12 - Light tweak02

Step 05:

Creating a Shadow Effect

To create a shadow quickly, Copy the original object and manipulate it to make a perfect shadow.

To start this method, Copy the slime’s body, Drag, Then paste it below.

Tip: Holding “alt” while draging will copy and paste an object upon release. Holding “shift” will let you drag objects straight.

13 - Making the shadow01

Then copy and drag again towards upper right, as shown below.

13 - Making the shadow02

After that, Select the two objects and click “Minus Front” in the pathfinder window.

13 - Making the shadow03

This will erase the object in front and what it covers below, leaving a sliced object.

This sliced object will be our slime’s shadow, so fill it with a darker color

Tip: Use the same light green but with a 40% brightness

13 - Making the shadow04

Step 06:

Inserting the  Shadow Effect

Now that we’re done in creating the shadow, we need to insert it to the slime.

To do this, Drag the shadow upwards until it is perfectly fit to the slime (As shown Below)

Tip: Hold “Shift” to drag straightly

13 - Making the shadow05

When you release it, you will notice that the shadow is not right and it covers a part of the slime’s stroke.

To fix this, select the slime’s body and expand it. (Object > Expand Appearance)

14 - Inserting the shadow

After you expand it, you’ll notice in the layer’s panel that the slime has been divided into 2, It’s fill and it’s stroke.

14 - Inserting the shadow02

Now to insert our shadow.

In the layer’s panel, Drag the shadow to the middle of the slime’s fill and stroke as shown below.

14 - Inserting the shadow03

If you’ve done it correctly, it will look same as below.

14 - Inserting the shadow04

You could also spend some time tweaking the slime’s shadow by adjusting its anchors.

15 - Tweaking the shadow

Step 07:

Finishing the slime

The last thing we need to do is to drag the slime downward until it colides on the bottom of the artboard.

16 - Fix position

Now after you fix it’s position, Press Ctrl + 1 and ctrl + shift + H and stare at your finished slime!

17 - Stare at your work

Congratulations! You now have a slime ready to wander around your game.

Tip: You could hold spacebar and drag anywhere in your workspace to have an idea how your slime would look like when moving and jumping around.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below or email me. Thanking below If I helped you is much appreciated =).

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