Tutorial 04 | GUI – Next/Back Buttons

A quick and easy way to do a next and back buttons.

Tutorial 04 - Next&Back Button Featured Image

Tip: If you can’t see the images below properly, Click and zoom on it.

Tip: Save your work everytime you reach the next step.

Things that you can learn in this tutorial:

  • How to make a Button
  • Creating Light Effects

Step 01:

Creating the Button

In a 64×64 artboard, create a perferct square using the rectangle tool (M).

Choose a light orange for the stroke and a lighter one for its fill. Make the stroke’s thickness to 5p

Tip: Use “Align stroke to inside” option so the stroke won’t overlap with your artboard.

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button

Then Drag the 2 anchors on the leftside to center left. (As shown Below)

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button02

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button03

Step 02:

Light Effects

The next thing we  need to do is to create a light effect for the button.

Using the pen tool, create a “Right Triangle” as shown below:

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button04

choose white for its fill and change its oppacity to 20%

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button05

Thats it! press ctrl +1 and ctrl + shift + H to view your work nicely.

Tutorial 04 GUI - Next&Back Button06

Congratulations! You now have a button that has many uses.

Tip: Copy the button and flip it horizontaly to make a different button.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below or email me. Thanking below If I helped you is much appreciated =).

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