Project Valraven

I just wanna show something that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now. I’m calling this Project Valraven for now. Here’s some early art and mockups:

Valraven will be an action adventure game (Like Legend of Zelda, but guns as primary weapon) The game’s story is about a faction war in an Industrial revolution/Victorian era-ish setting. I will tell more about the story and characters later on, but in short, everything changed when the Aius empire attacked.

Players will play the role of a girl protagonist that is part of an elite resistance group called Valraven. The core gameplay will mostly consist of infiltrating enemy airships and territories, shooting enemy troops, dodging/taking cover of enemy fire and hazards, solving small puzzles, using items, and probably small stealth mechanics. I’m also thinking of adding a crafting system, weapon upgrade and other features later on but it really depends as I will be working on this game on my spare time only. I’m planning to release the game on PC. That’s all for now, I’ill show more later on and I’ll also make a devlog to update you guys about the game. 🙂

Check all the future post about valraven by clicking this tag: #Valraven


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