Game projects, projects and more projects.

So many game projects.. so little time, I think this year is my most productive year yet. 2015 still has four months left and I have about seven game projects to work on consisting of personal game projects, game projects in my Game dev classes, and some contract works. I’m also required to finish most of them in a given deadline so there is no room for me to be lazy.Contract worksGIF_Preview_Winter_30FPS

Above is the two contract works that I’m currently working on, really need some funds for different purposes. I’m trying to finish them as soon as possible so I can start working on the other projects. I will not gonna accept project proposals for a while after these two so I can focus on my other games.

I and two of my friends/co-game devs will be making a paid mobile game this semester for our entrepreneurship class. (Yep, we convinced our prof that we will be selling a game instead for our finals cause we are taking a game development course after all). I will be making concept arts and art mockups for this soon. I then need to develop two more game projects myself for my other two game dev. subjects. I think demo games are acceptable for our finals, but I still wanna polish these games and put a lot of effort into it.

As for my personal projects,

Valraven – I wanna get back to this and build a demo before the year ends, hopefully.
Project Valraven - Concept Art 01

Aerie – I’m planning to edit the initial design and idea of this game and publish it to mobile.
Project Aerie - Preview 02

So yea, pretty busy semester for me, I’ll just keep you guys updated on these games.


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