2018 Summary: Towertale, Jump Squad, ESGS, Art Studies, and other projects

Sorry for the lack of blog posts last year, I’m both busy and lazy to make one lol.
But anyway, Here’s a summary of the games and art that I’ve worked on last year. I don’t feel like making a wall of text right now so I’ll just dump some photos and screenshots on this post eheh. Continue reading

Project Aerie [Update 02]

Change of plans, we will going to make the game as an entry for a game jam that will end on May 11, 2015. That means the game will be available for free. We will start full production in early April.

Anyways here’s the process time lapse of the concept art:

And a new soundtrack for the game by Kristoffer Lizaran (LazyCymbals)

More updates soon!