I’ve been working on a thesis game project for a couple of months now and finally finished it last week. So the game, Bladefall, is a 2D action RPG with a unique, fast paced combat style and features a hand-drawn art style. I’m with a team and my role is the lead programmer and the artist of the game.

Download the game here.


The game is still far from perfect and it’s more of a demo, and you might encounter some minor bugs/glitches. we also cut a lot of features and contents for now due to time constraints. but overall we tried to make the game as enjoyable and polished as possible in the limited time given 😀
Estimated gameplay time is about 30 minutes


Development and Gameplay Trailer:

(Team Rapid Fire)
Osias Bantug – Lead Programmer and Artist
Glenn Dofeliz – Programmer
David Rafael – Menu UI Programmer
Juan Protacio – SFX and Quality Assurance

(Special Thanks)
Arwyn Silva – Titlescreen OST
Kristoffer Lirazan – Weapon Selection UI
Nicekriem – Narrative/Dialogues
MiSou – Opening Narration


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