2019 Recap: Towertale release, Jump Squad 2, Art Studies, and other projects

It’s that time of the year again, here’s my 2019 year recap 🙂


Towertale is now available! You can now get the PC version on Steam and itch.io. We also have a demo available for download if you want to try it out first.

We got Keybol Games to be the game’s publisher and we’ll launch it on the Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles in 2020. We’ll also release free co-op and Tagalog language localization DLCs!


Towertale NintendoYou can read more about Towertale and some behind the scenes here on these articles:
‘Towertale’: This Filipino indie RPG casts a spotlight on mental illness
Pinoy-made ‘Towertale’ coming to Nintendo Switch


Jump Squad 2

We released a sequel to Jump Squad, with completely new gameplay and mechanics, here’s a gameplay trailer:

We showcased this game on ESGS 2019, here is the recent post that I made about it 🙂

We also won the “Best Mobile/Handheld Game” award for Jump Squad 2 at Game On Awards 2019, yey!
IMG_20191201_162624 (1)

You can check out Jump Squad 2 here on Google Play

Art studies and portrait paintings

2019 Best Nine

I didn’t manage to do these as much as I wanted to because of me having limited spare time, but I’m still glad about my progress so far. Slow and steady. I will start to experiment more next year and try to expand my comfort zone. Altho still a bit frustrating for me most of the time, I really love to do these to unwind, so I really hope that I can do even more next year 🙂

I also upload my artworks individually on ArtStation

Other Projects

I didn’t take any other freelancing projects this year, but I did book illustrations and concept art for my current day job which is a first for me.
Here are some of the illustrations:

It’s called zoo4D, a book with illustrations that users can scan with the partnered AR mobile app which will make 3D environments and animal characters “pop” above the pages together with some fun facts and mini-games 🙂

So how was my 2019?

Did I achieve my plans and goals that I wrote in my last year’s recap? I’ll just rate them each of how well I think I did.
2019 Goals.png

Strengthen my art fundamentals. – 2/5
I think I learned a lot this year, I also try to watch different kinds of videos about art like tutorials, time-lapses, artist vlogs, etc whenever I’m eating or just resting to get the most out of my time. But there are still way lot more things that I need to learn and I still have a lot of weaknesses so I’m not gonna rate this high.

Do quick art studies whenever I have some free time every day – 1/5
Yep, this seems impossible for me :’) I’m tired most of the time after my day job and not motivated to do art studies at night since I’m mostly also doing art on my day job. Or maybe my job counts as art studies anyway??, but nah most of the time the art I did on my job is kinda different on the subjects and art styles that I wanted to try and do.

Upgrade my working machine and tools. – 5/5
I’d say I achieve this one completely. I bought a new good desktop PC so that I can work better and make art in high resolutions, bought a good mobile device so I can test AR stuff at my work, and then I also bought an XP-PEN display graphic tablet, the drawing experience is really nicer (My good ol’ Wacom Intuos Pro is still working perfectly tho, what a reliable tablet). Altho I spend a lot this year, I’m happy about it as I think these things are good investments 🙂


Work on more game projects that I really like to create. – 2/5
Altho fun to work on, All the game projects that I did and make graphics for this year are for work. so not gonna rate this high yet.

Join gaming/game dev conventions and exhibits again. – 3/5
I joined ESGS again, could attend more on the other conventions next time.

Continue to expand my network of devs and artists. – 4/5
I added more devs and artists on my facebook and other social media accounts, wish I could meet more personally tho, but it’s always hard for me to socialize so yea.


Overall it’s a good year I’d say, a year which I focused mostly on my career. I still experience some internal conflicts and self-doubt often, but I think I’m good right now. I learned a lot, earned more experience, and expanded my comfort zone. Also played some awesome games and watched some great films this year which really inspires me.

Plans and goals for 2020

  • Actually start on a personal passion project, even just a small-scale one, I really want and need to make one again :’)
  • I would really like to showcase a personal game on a gaming convention in another country, I know this is a bit hard to achieve but I will try my best this year hehe
  • Finish making portrait paintings of all the Twice members hehe
  • Continue to strengthen my art fundamentals and do even more art studies than 2019, this would also be hard because of my limited spare time and my plan to start working on a personal game project every night, but I would like to try nonetheless because they are also fun to do and also needed to improve on art.
  • Continue to expand my network of devs and artists
  • And some personal goals like take care of myself, reduce procrastination, better time management, and be a better person in general lol

That’s it for this year, Let’s do more great things in 2020!
Happy New Year everyone! Hwaiting!


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